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Jo Mackie discusses gender pay gap reporting on talkRADIO

April 2023

Director and Head of Employment Jo Mackie examines the concerning nature of gender pay gap reporting, and suggests that a more fierce enforcement regime is required, on talkRADIO.

Interviewed by talkRADIO’s Petrie Hosken, Jo argues that recent stories of vast gender pay disparity within large companies reveal a worrying trend in pay gap reporting. Discussing the nature of the roles men and women often fall into, combined with factors such as childcare, Jo explains that the median pay disparity between men and women is 20% – a worrying statistic.

She concludes that the lack of a true enforcement regime allows this culture to thrive, and that larger reprimands are needed to ensure companies cooperate with equal pay legislation.

Jo’s interview was broadcast on talkRADIO, 5 April 2023, and can be heard below.