Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lawrence Stephens, we take our responsibility to the community seriously.

We are committed to being a responsible business and to ensure that we operate in a socially-conscious and an environmentally sustainable manner.  As such, Corporate Social Responsibility is at the forefront of our thinking and our everyday working practices.

We focus on our core values, namely:

  • Having a positive impact in the community
  • Being environmentally sustainable
  • Promoting diversity


We are delighted to announce Crohn’s & Colitis UK as our chosen charity of the year 2022 – a cause very close to our hearts. Over the course of the year, our staff will organise events and activities to raise money and promote the vital work of Crohn’s & Colitis UK.


Our environmental strategy recognises the impact our business has on the environment and we are committed to encouraging our staff and, wherever possible, our clients to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

The key practices we adopt in implementing this strategy include:

  • Minimising waste by evaluating our day-to-day operations to ensure they are as efficient and environmentally friendly as practicable
  • Maintaining ‘paperless’ files where suitable to do so
  • Recycling waste paper and cardboard
  • Recycling toner and printer cartridges
  • Sourcing and promoting product ranges that have a reduced environmental impact from both production and distribution
  • Recycling fluorescent tubes
  • Recycling PCs, hardware and cables


Lawrence Stephens is committed to promoting diversity.  We have a robust diversity policy and all members of the firm undertake annual Equality & Diversity training to ensure that our principles are understood and endorsed.

In order to maintain and ensure diversity:

  • We recruit from the widest possible talent pool
  • We communicate and practice, internally and externally, the principles of the diversity policy that we have developed
  • We monitor diversity levels