Wellness in the Workplace


Our firm and our wellbeing

We believe that skilled, valued and engaged employees are key for growth and vitality. Our approach to employee wellbeing at Lawrence Stephens is a value aligned with our promises to our clients; that we are proactive, collaborative and personal.

We are proud of our people, and we recognise that at times, pressures of long hours and heavy workloads can be unavoidable. We adopt best practice and behavioural principles to tackle and reduce the avoidable stresses in the workplace. We have developed a highly effective, ever evolving, and bespoke programme to create a healthier work environment which ensures each valued employee can work effectively, whilst managing stress levels as they perform at their best and deliver optimum client service.

We have a responsibility to our employees to create a work environment we are proud of.


Why it is important

Employee wellbeing goes far beyond minimising health concerns and health-related absences. Rather, we emphasise the importance of attaining a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

By strengthening the holistic wellbeing of our people, we have continued to see higher employee satisfaction and engagement rates. A healthy and happy workforce is essential for the service we provide to our clients and to our ever-important culture.

The Lawrence Stephens mission is to continue to strengthen the overall wellbeing of our people by supporting personal and professional endeavours.


Establishing the concept

The Lawrence Stephens Wellness Concept was initiated and led by Christina Ioannou, an Associate in the Real Estate Finance Department at Lawrence Stephens. Christina is also a certified Health Coach having qualified at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It is this hybrid role which inspires the most valuable aspect of the concept – that it is bespoke, meaningful and highly personalised.

Naturally, Christina recognises the pressures of day-to-day transactional work; the demands, bottlenecks, and resultant stress-points, as she commits herself to the high-intensity work-environment she shares with her colleagues. The combination of her health coaching expertise and industry experience ensures overwhelm and burnout are kept at bay as her day incorporates a combination of two worlds.

This is the first time we are seeing a practicing lawyer heading up a Wellbeing Department and developing a programme tailored to the employees here. The department is expanding to accommodate for our growing firm and to incorporate all aspects of wellbeing.


Christina Ioannou comments: The wellness concept is ever-evolving and we will continue to roll out a number of health and wellbeing related initiatives with an ultimate aim of establishing a harmonious workplace where our people are in their best frame of mind, physical fitness and social vibrancy.