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Director and Head of Employment Jo Mackie Discusses Workplace Culture On BBC Radio

May 2023

Director and Head of Employment Jo Mackie discusses workplace culture and bullying on the Kate Justice drive time show on BBC Radio Herefordshire & Worcestershire.

Jo’s appearance was broadcast on BBC Herefordshire and Worcestershire, 30 May 2023, and can be found here. Skip to 21:45 to hear her thoughts in full.

Appearing as the show’s ‘go-to legal expert’ , Jo joins host Kate Justice to discuss harassment and bullying in the workplace, as well as the vicarious liability of employers.

In light of the CBI scandal, and news of a 44% increase in employment tribunals over the past 12 months, Jo analyses how workplace culture can inform harassment claims, and how the lack of specific bullying laws means that bad behaviour often goes unreported, or unpunished.

She also discusses how vicarious liability of employers has led to many workplaces showing greater caution when providing alcohol at work events, and how recent Court of Appeal cases have shown how such behaviour can provide sufficient grounds for legal action.