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Lawrence Stephens Celebrates FEBE Growth Companies at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

July 2023

Lawrence Stephens continues to partner with FEBE (For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs), an exceptional company that compiles the renowned Growth 100 list, highlighting the top growth companies in the UK.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the FEBE growth companies, affectionately known as the FEBE Family, at a vibrant event held at the illustrious Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch.

The evening was filled with inspiration and camaraderie as we gathered with remarkable entrepreneurs, eager to share their stories and celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit. The Lawrence Stephens team is honoured to have been part of such an extraordinary occasion, where we could witness first-hand the ingenuity and resilience that define these business leaders.

Building a business from scratch is an arduous task that demands unwavering dedication, countless hours of hard work, and the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. The entrepreneurs and business owners present at the event were already well aware of these challenges, as they have conquered them time and again.

Each person in the room epitomized resilience and tenacity, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to growth. They have successfully expanded their companies, showcased their progressive leadership and is a testament to the power of perseverance.

The event was an opportunity to come together, not only to acknowledge our individual achievements but also to celebrate the accomplishments of others. FEBE truly embodies the spirit of a family, fostering guidance, knowledge sharing, and relationship building among its members.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the outstanding companies that made the esteemed Growth List for 2023, as well as those recognized on the Growth List for 2022 and the Ones to Watch List. Your achievements inspire us all and set the bar high for the future.

In his speech, Steven Bernstein, Senior Director at Lawrence Stephens, drew upon his own journey as a business owner and founder. Reflecting on his past experiences, he emphasized the importance of pursuing personal fulfilment and finding appreciation within one’s own organization.

Over the past 26 years, Lawrence Stephens has experienced numerous triumphs and challenges. The firm has grown from a small team to a diverse group of 100 lawyers. From the outset, the focus has always been on building a legal firm that values clients, prioritizes integrity, and fosters a positive culture. As Steven expressed, “Ultimately, it’s about working with people you like.”

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to innovation and embrace change. By doing so, we can shape the trajectory of our industries, leaving a lasting impact on the business landscape and inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs to dream big.

Together with FEBE, Lawrence Stephens will continue to support and champion the growth and success of entrepreneurs, ensuring that their journeys are guided by integrity, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Steven Bernstein, Senior Director comments: “Building a business is about more than just profit; it’s about creating a culture of collaboration and respect. Last night, we celebrated the remarkable spirit of innovation and perseverance that unites all of us in the face of difficulty.”