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Lawrence Stephens’ Regulatory Solutions team collaborate on Extracting Opportunities guide

January 2024

Lawrence Stephens’ Regulatory Solutions team is proud to have collaborated with SW4 Partners and Artemis Growth Partners on ‘Extracting Opportunities’ – a guide exploring the dynamic and rapidly evolving extract-based medical cannabis market in Europe.

This report dives into the transition from traditional cannabis forms to advanced products such as tinctures, capsules, creams, and vape cartridges, underscoring their pivotal role in broadening market appeal and delivering targeted medical benefits.

A must-read for anyone seeking opportunities in the medical cannabis sector, ‘Extracting Opportunities’ includes a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape and discusses the prospect of extract-based medical cannabis in Europe, combining detailed analysis with engaging content to illuminate both the complexities and opportunities within this burgeoning sector.

Key Discoveries:

The findings of this report attest to the significant growth of the medicinal cannabis market, driven by the evolving regulatory landscape and increasing acceptance. The report underscores the need for standardisation and high-quality inputs in pharmaceutical manufacturing, pointing out the potential for market expansion fuelled by advancements in research and clinical trials.

  • Diversification of the Market: Extract-based products are reshaping the consumer base, attracting new demographics.
  • Tailored Medical Solutions: These products are increasingly being developed to address specific medical needs, bolstering their therapeutic impact.
  • Precision in Dosing: Consistent potency is revolutionising prescribing practices, enabling more precise treatment.
  • Focus on Quality: Top-grade ingredients are necessary for the development of pharmaceutical-quality products.
  • Growth and Opportunities: The European extract market is growing rapidly, and continues to present ample opportunity for expansion.

‘Extracting Opportunities’ delivers a nuanced view of the regulatory and market trends across key European countries including Germany, the UK, Portugal, and Denmark.

Featuring pivotal companies such as Somai Pharmaceuticals, Grow Group, Valcon Medical, and Panaxia, and details their innovative approaches and contributions to the market, these insights provide a glimpse into the diverse and strategic efforts driving the growth of extract-based medical cannabis products in Europe.

For further information, and to register your interest in a free copy of the report, click here.

Regulatory Solutions Department Team