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Angélique Richardson comments on Ryan Garcia’s doping case in World Boxing News

June 2024

Following the news that boxer Ryan Garcia’s B sample has tested positive for ostarine, Associate Angélique Richardson comments on how high-profile fighters and their legal teams navigate doping cases.

Angelique’s comments were published in World Boxing News, 3 June 2024, and can be found here.

Angelique’s comments:

“Garcia is on the ropes, facing a lengthy ban from the sport of boxing.

“It’s not hugely surprising that Garcia’s B-Sample has also tested positive – it is extremely rare for an A-Sample and B-Sample to return differing results. As a Sports lawyer, we would always advise our fighters to request that their B-Samples be tested – it is good form and good diligence.

“The lead-up to the Haney v Garcia fight was controversial enough, with Garcia’s victory called into question. Now we have a positive A-Sample and B-Sample from Garcia to add to the mix. Issues like this continue to give the sport of boxing a bad rep.

“Garcia is an entertaining character in the sport of boxing. If he chooses to pursue his innocence, which is unclear from the ping-pong nature of his social media, he’ll come out swinging. I’m sure we’ll all have a ringside seat.”