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Matt Green comments on the UAE approving stablecoin regulations in The Fintech Times

June 2024

Matt Green, Director and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets and Technology Disputes, comments on how the UAE’s approval of stablecoin regulations may impact how stablecoins are generated and considered globally, in The Fintech Times.

Matt’s comments were published in The Fintech Times, 19 June 2024.

“It may be that the UAE is having its MiCA moment, which was the EU’s response to the issuance of stablecoins. 

“Here there are some ground rules which are helpful and may have a wider impact on how stablecoins are generated and considered globally – Dirham backed and clearer criteria for defining stablecoins. 

“The UK government may be prompted to take action – Britcoin progression has been limited, assumedly following more immediate political issues, and the market’s eyes may continue to turn east where innovation continues to climb.”