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Matt Green

Director, Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets and Technology Disputes
Practice areas:
Expertise includes:
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptoasset
  • Technology Disputes
  • Technology
Matt Says:
"By their nature assets stored on a blockchain are traceable, and owners are rarely 100% pseudonymous or anonymous. With this in mind, relying on expert advice, key relationships with stakeholders and learned knowledge, I provide concise, urgent and user friendly advice to secure successful results for clients, whether looking to make recoveries, exercise intellectual property rights, or deal with disputes over digital assets."

Meet Matt

I am a specialist litigator for complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes with blockchain technology, and digital assets at their core. This includes crypto asset recovery for individuals and businesses following a hack, scam or misappropriation, assisting insolvency practitioners where crypto funds are at play, locating and securing assets in matrimonial proceedings and assisting insurance providers recover funds, to name a few.  This also includes commercial litigation and intellectual property disputes involving digital assets broadly (e.g. music, content, art, trade marks and copyrights). 

Experience highlights

  • Acting for a crypto currency brokerage whereby business functionality was blocked by their service and liquid provider following Court Orders obtained by the Secret Service and which resulted in the return of c.$1m of USDT.
  • Obtaining reliefs against North Korean hackers following an exploit of an established crypto address provider, and serving documents via Ether NFTs.
  • Joint proceedings concerning copyright and database claims, as to the identity of the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and whether he can exercise intellectual property rights over “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.
  • Devising a new strategy for the recovery of (i) private keys, preventing access to billions of pounds worth of Bitcoin, and (ii) other crypto assets worth millions as part of a wider hack. 
  • Securing private Court Orders against and working with major cryptocurrency exchanges to freeze funds and comply with enforcement provisions following sophisticated investment platform and romance scams.