Lawrence Stephens

Real Estate Acquisitions and Development Projects

Real estate and property development invariably require advice on acquisitions, funding, and planning.

Our Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Construction teams work collaboratively on diverse aspects of a transaction.  We have significant experience in dealing with complex projects and managing assorted challenges and difficulties.

We also understand the importance of completing funding on a tight schedule and work to ensure that transactions meet deadlines.

Residential investment finance

We act for property investors, landlords and lenders in residential investment and secured lending matters, undertaking due diligence and working to ensure that transactions complete smoothly.

Commercial investment finance

In advising on large-scale commercial investments, we aim to surpass client expectations in respect of time and efficiency.  We view each transaction as an opportunity to excel.

Residential development finance

Moving fast in residential development is crucial.  We respond promptly and work closely with other parties, representing clients in developments of all sizes - from individuals new to the property business to companies undertaking multi-million-pound transactions.

Commercial development finance

When securing finance for complex commercial developments, there are multiple considerations.  We ensure that every component of the deal is integrated, that targets and deadlines are met, and that every aspect is documented to protect our clients’ position.