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Lawrence Stephens Real Estate Finance Borrower team completes three deals

July 2024

Lawrence Stephens’ Real Estate Finance Borrower team, led by Nisha Saigal and supported by Claire Boyd and Aida Gashi,  have hit the ground running taking on an impressive range of residential and commercial properties with various lenders. Here is a snapshot of some of their deals.

1. Bridging Deal: 9 Days to Completion

In a remarkable feat, Lawrence Stephens assisted a client in completing a bridging deal within just nine days from the receipt of the mortgage offer. The property in question was an auction purchase with a purchase price of £820,000. The lender involved was KSEYE, and the swift execution underscores the team’s agility and commitment to their clients.

2. HMO Property Refinance

The Real Estate Finance Team also handled a refinance for an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) property. The loan amount was £300,000, and the transaction involved dual representation.  The team’s industry-wide experience in the commercial, residential, healthcare, and leisure sectors played a crucial role in ensuring a successful outcome.

3. Freehold Subject to Tenancy

Lastly, Lawrence Stephens facilitated the purchase of a freehold property subject to tenancy. The property had a purchase price of £535,000, and once again, dual representation was involved. The BTL (Buy-to-Let) specialist lender supported this transaction, demonstrating the team’s ability to navigate complex scenarios and find practical solutions.

These deals highlight their commitment to forging strong, long-term relationships with borrowers. The team’s proactive approach, industry expertise, and efficient execution make them a trusted partner in the real estate finance landscape.