Lawrence Stephens

Joint Ventures

Working on a project with another business requires a comprehensive agreement so that everyone knows what is expected.  In supporting investors and entrepreneurs, we advise them on structuring, drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements.  We regularly draft bespoke agreements that are tailored to their requirements, covering all eventualities.  In doing so, we consider each deal holistically to identify any potential difficulties or opportunities.

Common clauses

After determining that a joint venture offers the best solution, we ensure that all relevant clauses are covered to provide security, such as:

  • How disagreements will be resolved
  • How much time the parties and their teams will give to the venture
  • How profits and losses will be shared
  • How the venture can be ended
  • Management responsibilities of each party
  • What assets each party will invest in the venture
  • What control those involved will have and who will make key decisions
  • What financial contributions will be made
  • What work each party will carry out
  • Whether the parties can sell or transfer their share in the venture
  • Who will be responsible for liabilities
  • Who will own any intellectual property created in the course of the venture
  • Your objectives in entering into the agreement