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Lawrence Stephens celebrates the launch of the FEBE Growth 100 2024

June 2024

There are 4.2m private companies in the UK, but just 1% or 45,000 of these are considered to be ‘high growth’. These are the entrepreneurs that are making a difference and helping drive the economy. FEBE (For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs) is an organisation that enables a close-knit community of British founders to empower, celebrate and support these.  The annual FEBE Growth 100 list showcases the fastest-growing, founder-led privately owned businesses with an annual turnover of between £3m and £200m and we are delighted to recognise those who have made the 2024 list.  The criteria for inclusion on this list is rightly very strict, so congratulations also go to the 29 companies who haven’t quite met all of these, but are recognised in FEBE’s ‘Watch List’ for their drive and ambition. We look forward to seeing you on a future Growth 100 list!

Many of our clients are privately owned, founder-led businesses and as a law firm led by its founders and sharing the challenges they face, we feel great empathy with these. We are right behind FEBE’s championing of the sector, their philosophy and vision, and Lawrence Stephens is proud to continue to support them as a Corporate Partner.

You can take a look at the latest Growth 100 and FEBE Watch List here: