Lawrence Stephens

Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership gives you similar rights to marriage.  If you are thinking about entering into a civil partnership, you can consider making a pre-civil partnership agreement.  If you wish to dissolve your civil partnership, then you will need to put a financial settlement in place and make arrangements for any children you have.

We deal with all aspects of civil partnership.  Our Family Law Team has extensive experience in representing those entering into civil partnerships as well as clients who wish to legally end their relationship.

We always work to resolve matters with minimum conflict.  As members of the collaborative law group Resolution, we know how to work to negotiate an acceptable outcome.  Where necessary, we can guide and support you through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation to resolve difficult issues.

Our expert family lawyers understand how hard it can be to navigate the ending of a relationship and you will find us to be sympathetic and approachable.  As well as ensuring your rights and interests are protected, we will help you secure the outcome you and your family need for the future.

We advise in relation to:

  • Civil partnership arrangements for children
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Civil partnership financial settlements
  • International civil partnership
  • Post-civil partnership agreements
  • Pre-civil partnership agreements