Lawrence Stephens

Divorce and Money

If you are divorcing, you will need to deal with your finances.  It is essential to have a binding court order in place, even if you are able to come to an agreement over how the money will be dealt between both parties.

Divorce alone does not end your financial obligations to each other.  Without a court order, it would be open to your former spouse to come back to you to make a claim long into the future.

We work with clients to put the right financial settlement in place, giving them the security they need for the future.  We have a high level of experience in dealing with assets on divorce, including in complex or high-value cases.

We always try to resolve matters by negotiation and agreement wherever possible, avoiding the need for litigation.  The Head of our Family Team is a collaboratively trained lawyer with substantial expertise in helping clients deal with matters amicably.  

We advise on: 

  • Divorce, separation and dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Finances and overseas assets
  • Jurisdictional disputes