Lawrence Stephens

Property Development

Property development is a complex area of law requiring tailored legal advice from experts.  It is crucial to have a strong team on your side to avoid any issues or delays that could hinder your project.

At Lawrence Stephens, our Property Development team has extensive experience in all types of property development.  We represent commercial developers, house builders and land owners in transactions ranging from small-scale builds to multi-million-pound developments by major construction companies.  We act for both UK and overseas clients, including corporations, trusts, high and ultra high net worth individuals.

Our expertise includes ensuring that the property you acquire can be developed in the way that you envisage, providing planning advice and dealing with sales.  As we have an exceptional depth of understanding of property development law, we are generally able to resolve difficulties effectively and without delay. 

Land acquisition

Once you have found land to buy for your development, we can represent you to make sure that you are able to develop it as you intend.  We can negotiate on your behalf with the land owner, including in respect of option agreements, promotion agreements and conditional contracts.

Legal agreements and consents

We will ensure that you have all the legal consents and agreements you need for your development to be a success.  This includes in respect of planning, easements, overage agreements and section 106 agreements.


Our team regularly works on behalf of lenders to carry out due diligence and make sure that funding is available to draw down as and when needed.  We understand how important it is that this part of development goes without a hitch and we always work proactively so that your lender has the information they need to release funds.

Post development sales or leases

We deal with all aspects of property development from start to finish, including dealing with sales or the grant of leases for units / floors in your developed property.  We will ensure that the legal documentation we supply is comprehensive, deals with buyer / tenant enquiries and keep the pressure on the solicitors to meet your deadlines.