Lawrence Stephens

Consent Agreements

During a divorce, matters such as sharing assets and making arrangements for children are often dealt with by way of agreement between the parties involved and without the intervention of the court.

This is a quicker and more cost-effective way of managing matters and can also prevent a relationship deteriorating further.

Our specialist Family Team can advise you as to the options open to you in making an agreement and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible outcome.  Wherever possible, we work to reach an agreement without the need for litigation.

Where necessary, we can refer you to mediation and provide support, guidance and advice throughout the mediation process.

We deal with a full range of family law issues, including complex cases, representing high net worth clients, British nationals living abroad, multi-national families and overseas clients.  We speak a range of languages, including German, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil and Hindi.

Obtaining a consent order

If you are going through a divorce, you must deal with related issues such as division of property, finances and arrangements for any children.

The courts prefer that these issues are agreed upon between the parties and without the need for a court hearing wherever possible.  If court proceedings are underway, parties can still work towards reaching an early agreement to minimise costs and stress.

We can discuss your situation with you and work to secure the agreement that is right for your and your family.  Once the terms are settled, we will put the agreement in writing and ask the court to seal it, confirming it as a binding consent order.