Lawrence Stephens


Managing international assets or a cross-border estate with overseas holdings is increasingly prevalent and increasingly complex.  There are different jurisdictions to consider alongside tax and inheritance implications, particularly with international tax planning and wealth succession.

A critical element of an effective wealth management strategy is having the right legal advice to ensure that everything works smoothly and that efficient structures are put in place.  Our team has considerable experience in dealing with international holdings for private clients, including individuals, families and entrepreneurs.

International Wills, probate and estate administration

It is imperative to ensure that the appropriate Will is in place to deal with overseas assets, so that they are safeguarded for the next generation.

Our team handles estate administration including foreign assets, as well as Grants of Probate and the resealing of grants and certificates of administration from other jurisdictions.  We advise on the applicable jurisdiction for estate assets and deal with the winding-up of an estate across different jurisdictions.

Though our strong links with professionals in other jurisdictions, we work with them to achieve the best overall outcome in managing estate administrations.

For clients with international holdings, our comprehensive range of wealth management and planning services include:

  • Advice on residency and domicile
  • International tax advice
  • Asset structuring for asset protection
  • Cross-border probate
  • Cross-border estate administration
  • Wills advice and drafting for cross-border estates
  • International succession planning
  • Trust advice and administration