Lawrence Stephens

Tax Planning

To ensure that assets are passed on to beneficiaries in the most efficient way possible, effective tax planning needs to be implemented using appropriate tax allowances that may be available to an estate.

We provide advice to clients relating to: high-net-worth estates, overseas assets, complex family structures, family businesses, succession planning and lifetime planning, ensuring that the right legal structures are in place that favour their beneficiaries.

Inheritance Tax planning

We establish how much Inheritance Tax an estate might be liable to pay when the time comes and whether reliefs that exist could reduce the tax payable in other ways.  For example, making lifetime gifts or leaving part of an estate to charity can reduce the ultimate Inheritance Tax liability.

Our Private Wealth and Succession Planning Team have frequently worked with clients to ensure that their estate is structured efficiently and that the legal framework offers the best possible protection.

Succession planning

Succession planning enables wealth to pass on to future generations.  Beyond making a Will, further steps, such as creating trusts or family investment companies may be appropriate, to protect wealth.

We advise on other aspects of passing on wealth, ensuring that assets are left to beneficiaries in the safest way possible, avoiding potential risks such as bankruptcy and divorce.  We can review matters should circumstances change to check that clients’ current plans still meet their needs.