Lawrence Stephens

Loan Agreements

Legally binding agreements are integral to funding arrangements: protecting the parties’ interests and ensuring that the terms and conditions set out how a loan is made available to a borrower.

We advise on many different types of loans, including secured and unsecured lending and business loans, and always work proactively to get the deal completed on time.

We work with lenders to ensure that the loan agreement includes the necessary terms and conditions, and with borrowers to advise and, if necessary, negotiate.  We always ensure that borrowers fully understand the implications of any agreement.

  • Business loans
  • Director loans
  • Intercompany loans
  • Partnership loans
  • Private loans
  • Providing advice and guidance on loan terms and conditions
  • Secured loans
  • Shareholder loans
  • Loan agreement terms and conditions

A loan agreement should be accurately drafted to ensure that all parties understand what is expected and the terms by which they are bound.  We work with clients in drawing up an agreement tailored to their circumstances.

Key conditions include:
  • How and when funds will be made available, including what conditions must be satisfied in advance
  • How and when repayment will be made
  • The amount of the loan and its permitted purpose
  • The rate of interest that will be charged and how this will be applied
  • The warranties and undertakings that each party is making
  • What the loan is secured against if it is a secured loan
  • What will happen in the event of a default
  • Whether early repayment or overpayment will be allowed and how this will work