Lawrence Stephens

Employee Contracts

An employment contract forms the foundation of the working relationship between employer and employee.  It should set out the essential rights and responsibilities so that each party understands what is expected of them.

A sound employment contract reduces the risk of disputes arising and provides a robust framework for the employer-employee relationship.

We represent employers, HR departments and employees in putting the right employment contract in place.  Our Employment team has broad experience across multiple sectors and levels of employment, including senior employees, directors and executives.

Employment contracts for employers

We make it our business to understand our clients’ business, delivering employment contracts that suit their needs.  We draft bespoke contracts and update existing agreements.  We protect their business by including the following clauses:

  • Confidentiality
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation
  • Payments in lieu of notice
  • Flexible working and email monitoring
  • Garden leave
  • How intellectual property will be dealt with
Employment contracts for employees

We advise individuals on new employment contracts or amendments to an existing contract by their employer.  Where necessary, we can negotiate terms to ensure that the contract is in a client’s best interests and accurately reflects what is agreed with their employer.