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Lawrence Stephens completes a 36-hour bridging loan for a bespoke private bridge company

May 2023

Our Real Estate Finance team recently completed a 36-hour bridging loan for a bespoke private bridge company, in a deal which was completed on 30 May 2023.

The loan helped fund the purchase of a glass factory, after the intended bridge was taking too long, with the team at Lawrence Stephens working closely with the broker and lender to get the deal completed and save the acquisition.

The team was led by Senior Associate Rachel Coulthard, with assistance from Associate Aashay Knights who drafted bespoke security documents on a very tight timescale.

Rachel Coulthard commented: “The team and I worked hard to get this deal across the line despite the tight deadlines and to rescue this particularly complex acquisition. With Aashay’s help drafting bespoke documentation, it was a pleasure to achieve a result which pleased everyone involved.”

The client commented: “We are incredibly grateful for the hard work of Rachel and the team at Lawrence Stephens. With the initial intended loan looking unlikely to be completed in time, their help in preparing the documentation and completely the bridging loan was invaluable in this process.”