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James Lyons comments on the creation of shareholder value in Law360

February 2023

Director James Lyons comments on Immotion Group’s £25 million to offload its location-based entertainment business, and the impact this has on shareholder value.

James’ comments were published in Law360, 02 February 2023, and can be read here.

“This is a good example of management seeking to balance the creation of shareholder value in both the short term and the long term, and of the importance of being proactive and nimble in the current economic climate to meet the demands of the business and its shareholders.

“The sale of the LBE business enables Immotion to deliver an immediate return to shareholders in excess of the current share price, whilst the company’s new sole focus on the HBE business together with the further capital at its disposal helps it to solidify the opportunity to deliver enhanced long term shareholder value in a growing sector.”