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Hard Work for Hard Hats

May 2020

Over the last few weeks, we have been helping clients – both employers and contractors – prepare their compliant Construction Design Management (Health and Safety) and Site Operating Procedures, which understandably involve enhanced COVID -19 project risk assessments and first aid advice.

As a result of our preparation, that following the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday, our clients were ready to call up their site teams, brief them, and give the order they had all been waiting for – “the site is now open.”

What remains the principal concern for all sites is the practical operation of social distancing. Which means that as a result of government advice, the tea hut is sadly closed. Instead, washing, sanitising, and the wearing of additional PPE are to be monitored closely. Site staff will be briefed on the ways they must adapt to what is required, and if they fail to comply, they’re “out”.

In addition, clever electronic tagging devices are being trailed. These devices are set to beep or vibrate when the required two metre distance is breached. Whilst these measures are likely to make construction work even noisier, they are truly commendable and innovative.

We will continue to monitor the following websites for useful, up-to-date guidance, and recommend all those involved in construction work continue to do so too.

Please get in touch if you need any further help with your site operations – it truly is “hard work for hard hats”.