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Property Law In-House Training

February 2019

No area of law is static and businesses and individuals need to completely understand the latest legal developments and their implications in order to make the most of every opportunity.

This week Lawrence Stephens brought our commercially minded, entrepreneurial approach to an interactive seminar with Estate Office Property Consultants, with Partner Avi Barr teaming up with Sara Jabbari from Tanfield Chambers to guide the company through SDLT liabilities, residential leaseholder rights, transfers of going concerns (TOGCs) in a property context and other legal based issues in the context of commercial and residential property transactions.

Avi Barr, Real Estate Partner commented:

“This in-house training session was truly informative and practical and provided a great opportunity to pool knowledge and demonstrate how different key players within the property sector can interact, whilst at the same time helping the team at Estate Office to better understand key issues both for the present and the future.”

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