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UK Leads on European Venture Capital Transactions

January 2021

The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association released its latest Quarterly Review last week and despite the uncertain macro-economic conditions across Europe, the Report outlines that the UK is leading European venture capital transactions and is worth more than France and Germany combined.

Although London continues to lead the way in terms of venture investment, Oxford and Cambridge remain high growth areas.

The link between London, Oxford and Cambridge – otherwise known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ – will spur further growth, particularly in the areas of life sciences and healthcare. Venture capital investment in Oxford increased by $397M over the last year

The UK venture market has seen an increase in foreign science-based investment, in particular from the US and Asia. It is expected that Boris Johnson will welcome this news given his promise to promote ambitious “high-risk, high reward” scientific experiments. Added to this, the Brexit deal means that UK researchers will be able to take part in Europe’s €85-billion research programme, Horizon Europe.

With the UK becoming the first Western country to authorise a COVID-19 vaccine and with high-growth tech companies emerging as one of the beneficiaries of the crisis, venture capital activity in the UK is on course to have another bumper year, regardless of the impact of Brexit.