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Abtin Yeganeh comments on landlord-imposed work from home bans in The Independent

July 2024

Senior Associate, Abtin Yeganeh, comments on landlords banning their tenants from working from home, as well as tenants’ protections in this area, in The Independent.

Abtin’s comments were published in The Independent, 07 July 2024.

“As a general rule, a landlord cannot stop a tenant from working from home as it would interfere with a tenant’s statutory right to quiet enjoyment of their property. The position is somewhat more complicated where a tenant seeks to run a business from their rental property. With that said, whilst landlords can seek to exclude a tenant’s right to work from home, The Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (subject to several exclusions) provides that landlords cannot unreasonably refuse a tenant’s request to do so.”  

Property Dispute Department Team