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Lawrence Stephens and FEBE celebrate the Growth 100 2023

June 2023

Lawrence Stephens, in its dedication to fostering business growth, is once again thrilled to be partnering with FEBE (For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs), the company behind the annual Growth 100 list.

Joining the likes of PWC and Pictet, Lawrence Stephens has partnered with FEBE as part of their Growth 100 list of the very best-in-class entrepreneurs and a celebration of some of the fastest growing, founder-led businesses in the UK.

With the release of the highly anticipated Growth 100 2023, Lawrence Stephens celebrates the remarkable achievements of these outstanding entrepreneurs and extends its congratulations to the successful companies.

The Growth 100 list represents the culmination of FEBE’s meticulous research, identifying the enterprises that have demonstrated exceptional growth rates, innovation and resilience. This year’s list unveils the trailblazers who have defied challenges and emerged as leaders, inspiring others with their remarkable achievements.

The list comprises outstanding founder-led businesses from a range of industries including food and drink (Au Vodka, The Skinny Food Co), fashion and retail (Lounge Underwear, ME+EM, Astrid and Miyu) and finance (3S Money, Interpolitan Money).

Steven Bernstein, Co-Founder and Senior Director at Lawrence Stephens, comments: “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable companies that have secured their positions on the Growth 100 list for 2023. Their dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment to success are truly commendable.”

As Lawrence Stephens celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of these companies, we look forward to fostering lasting relationships with the entrepreneurs, executives, and teams behind these inspiring growth stories. Lawrence Stephens aims to provide tailored legal support that facilitates continued success and mitigates potential obstacles.

Jo Mackie, Director and Head of Employment at Lawrence Stephens, comments: “We recognize the vital role that exceptional legal counsel plays in nurturing and protecting the growth of ambitious companies. We look forward to meeting the talented individuals behind these organizations, forging lasting partnerships, and providing the necessary support to help them flourish in the ever-evolving business landscape.”