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Lawrence Stephens Announces Partnership with Crohn’s & Colitis UK for 2022

December 2021

We are delighted to announce that our chosen charity partner of 2022 is Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

The Lawrence Stephens team voted to support this fantastic charity, a cause very close to our hearts, and we cannot wait to begin fundraising and raising awareness for Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are the two main types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is estimated that over 500,000 people across the UK live with Crohn’s or Colitis. The illnesses are painful, debilitating, and widely misunderstood. When you have Crohn’s or Colitis, your immune system doesn’t work properly and the body starts attacking itself, causing ulcers and inflammation in the gut. Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis can affect almost every part of your body, from digestion and joints, to energy levels and mental health. They can also impact many parts of an individual’s life – from education and work to relationships.

Symptoms and side effects can range from mild to severe, but for many, Crohn’s and Colitis can be chronic and cause significant physical and emotional strain. In some cases, people may need surgery to remove part of their bowel and create a stoma. This is major surgery and can take some time to get used to, but for many people living with Crohn’s and Colitis, a stoma can relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Currently, there is no cure for Crohn’s and Colitis, which is why it is so important to fund medical research and specialist care for those who live with them.

1 December marks the beginning of Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week 2021 and we are pleased to support Crohn’s & Colitis UK in raising crucial awareness of the illnesses. Throughout 2022, our team will be organising and participating in many exciting fundraising activities to raise as much money as possible for the crucial work of Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

Natasha Cockram, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Crohn’s & Colitis UK, comments:

“We are incredibly grateful to Lawrence Stephens for choosing us as their Charity of the Year. We can’t wait to work with them over the next year to not only fundraise but to raise awareness of these invisible conditions.”

Jeff Rubenstein, Senior Director, comments:

“We’re delighted to have Crohn’s & Colitis UK as our charity partner for 2022. Several of us at Lawrence Stephens have a personal connection to the conditions and are all too aware of the severe impact Crohn’s and Colitis can have on people’s lives. It will be an honour for us to assist Crohn’s & Colitis in all their fundraising efforts.”

Bethany Jacobs, Paralegal, comments:

I am thrilled that Lawrence Stephens have decided to support Crohn’s & Colitis UK as their charity of the year for 2022. As someone who has personally used their services, I know just how invaluable the work they do is and I am delighted to be helping raise some much needed awareness around these illnesses.”

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