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Lawrence Stephens at MIPIM 2019: Gregory Palos

March 2019

Gregory Palos, Partner, Head of Secured Lending, will be the third member of the Lawrence Stephens team in Cannes. We talked to Gregory about the prestigious event, the current property landscape and Lawrence Stephen’s partnership approach with clients.

Have you been a delegate at MIPIM before and what are you most looking forward to it about it?
I have, but that was over 20 years ago, so I don’t think that counts as a lot has changed in that time. I am very much looking forward to extending relationships and relishing the challenge of making new ones there too!

Which has been your most memorable transaction in 2018?
Acting on a £28,000,000 facility secured against 115 properties.

What property trends will be shaping the market in 2019?
Understandably, the market in some sectors is gripped by uncertainty primarily due to Brexit. Some clients are very wary of what they are doing and are being cautious and measured in their dealings. Optimistically, in 6 -8 months, I would like to look back at this period with the view that it was not be as bad as it might have been.

What sets Lawrence Stephens apart from other firms?
We understand the role we play in our clients business plans consistently doing what we do best to help them achieve their aims. We see our relationship as a partnership and promote a collegiate approach.

Want to meet Gregory at MIPIM 2019? The Lawrence Stephens team look forward to seeing clients, intermediaries and establishing new business connections – so get in touch!