Lawrence Stephens

Art Gallery

As part of a recent refurbishment and refreshment to our client and office space, we are delighted to have collaborated with international art agency Artiq, supporting local artists and brightening up our space with some fantastic artwork.

With the recent growth and expansion of Lawrence Stephens, the refurbishment of our Farringdon office marks an exciting new development for the firm and displays a renewed commitment to employees, clients and company culture. It also represents an opportunity to refresh the space itself and bring vibrancy and dynamism into our workspace. With this collection curated by Artiq, each piece invites creativity and collaboration, and its focus on championing local artists, diverse cultures and unique identities goes hand in hand with our mantra – “we’re a people business.”

Leased directly from the artists, the theme of each artwork is ‘mark making’. Each piece looks to make its mark – physically through the literal line, shape, and pattern work of each piece as well as symbolically through each artwork’s focus on supporting the local creative community, embracing sustainable practices and reflecting a diversity of practices across painting and sculpture.

With a focus on the natural world, each artist embraces sustainable practices and explores themes of identity and heritage through ancient methods of making, resulting in a collection that brings the space to life, invites creativity and connection, and reflects our unique people-first culture.

Artiq is an international art agency connecting their clients with the cultural world, curating collections and experiences while guaranteeing fair pay for their artists. With a clear mission to bring economic viability to the cultural sector, they create equal experiences and promote an inclusive culture where diversity is celebrated. As a partner on this project, Artiq’s community-led ethos goes hand in hand with our steadfast commitment to our clients, employees and company culture, making this collaboration a natural fit.


Alex and Emma Devereux

Untitled (19&20/100)

Iron powder & enamel on MDF

610 x 1220 mm

Alex and Emma are fascinated with ancient methods of making but use modern technology, materials and processes to realise them. While looking at the past with a futuristic twist, it sometimes simply boils down to playing with traditional concepts of form, line, texture and repetition.

Both accomplished sculptors, they have combined their practices to create large scale projects and structures. Their vision and shared aesthetic is to realize the ambitious projects and artworks that one cannot do on their own. With their high ambitions and commitment to excellence in making, there is no limit to the projects they will realise.


KV Duong

Too Foreign for Home, Too Foreign for Here, No.4 I’m Coming Home

Acrylic & mulberry paper on canvas

920 x 1220 mm

KV Duong (b.1980 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) is a London-based artist who examines the complexities of the Vietnamese queer identity through painting, performance, sculpture, and installation. Duong grew up in Canada to Vietnamese Chinese parents displaced by the Vietnam War. His work explores themes of migration and cultural assimilation through the lens of personal and familial history. War trauma and integration correlate with the artist’s coming out as a gay Asian man.

By employing found objects and materials of personal significance, historic Vietnam War images and documentation, and his own body painting images, Duong constructs imagined landscapes that offer a glimpse into his personal heritage. He retells a history that has been distorted through media censorship and displaced through passed-on experiences, and in so doing suggests a new psychological reality.


Rebecca Newnham

Vermeer 37, Oceania Orua

Glass, glass enamel & timber

920 x 920 x 100 mm

Rebecca is a sculptor with a special interest in glass. She has work in significant private collections including 3 sculptural installations floating in different lakes in North Yorkshire. In the public realm, her sculpture commissions are integral to building developments.

At the Royal College of Art, Rebecca developed glass as a faceted skin to sculpture which champions the characteristics of plants, the experience of place, and our understanding of organic systems. Whilst the sculpture considers the physical and scientific, it acknowledges the spiritual and magical side of our lives.


Dragica Carlin

Four Swirls, Series 4

Oil on canvas

1000 x 1700 mm

Dragica Carlin is a painter who lives and works in London. In her paintings Dragica explores swirls; their energy and light are created as they unfold. Swirls hold a symbolic connotation – there is a universal quality to them and as such, they are timeless and formless motifs. They come and go, captivating our perceptions of them even when they are motionless.


Joanna Gilbert

Breathe (Diptych)

Framed Print

1050 x 1050 mm per print


Joanna Gilbert is an artist known for her colourful large-scale, visceral abstract paintings. Her message is simple: in order to be the best version of ourselves, we need to in-source, not out-source. Her artworks beautifully blend the discovery of self-belief and self-worth with energy and mindset.