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JCT 2024 – the next generation of building contracts

March 2024

As the first off the block in a series of new JCT publications over the coming months, the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has announced that the JCT 2024 Design and Build family of contracts will be released on 17 April 2024. 

We are told that the JCT 2024 forms will build upon the JCT’s existing suite and will include major updates to modernise and future-proof the contract process.

As with the JCT 2016 suite, the new forms will be published both by traditional hard copy and via JCT’s On Demand digital service.

The JCT have flagged the following updates and changes:

  • Modernising and streamlining: including adoption of gender neutral language, and increased flexibility around the use of electronic notices.
  • New for JCT 2024: the introduction of a new contract family, JCT Target Cost Contract (TCC), comprising main contract, sub-contract, and guide.
  • Legislative changes: major updates in relation to the Building Safety Act, termination accounting, payment provisions reflecting the Construction Act, and new insolvency grounds reflecting the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020.
  • Future proofing: including changes to reflect the objectives of the Construction Playbook, and the incorporation into the main document of previously optional supplemental provisions relating to collaborative working, sustainable development and environmental considerations.

We anticipate that the JCT 2024 suite will be warmly welcomed by the construction industry as the next stage of the evolution of the JCT forms in supporting collaborative working and sustainable development. 

At Lawrence Stephens, our Construction & Development Finance team can advise on how this new suite of contracts will impact your projects and assist with your building, engineering and infrastructure projects. 

Please contact Tom Pemberton (on 0204 548 3805 or by email to if you have any questions regarding your project or the JCT forms.

Construction & Development Finance Department Team