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Abtin Yeganeh comments on the Renters’ Reform Bill in IFA Magazine and Housing Today

May 2023

Senior Associate Abtin Yeganeh discusses the impact of the Renters’ Reform Bill on no-fault evictions, in IFA Magazine and Housing Today.

Abtin’s comments were published in IFA Magazine and Housing Today, 17 May 2023.

“The Renters’ Reform Bill will be welcomed by the majority of UK tenants who, at times, feel there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding their occupation due to ‘no-fault evictions’.

“Currently, landlords can evict their tenants without cause at the end of the fixed term of the tenancy. The Renters’ Reform Bill proposes to abolish this.

“No-fault evictions can be particularly concerning for families with young children in school due to the disruption it causes when an eviction occurs during term time.

“To date, no-fault evictions have provided landlords with security, as they know they can obtain possession at the end of the tenancy without cause. The abolishment of no-fault evictions may, therefore, be a cause for concern for landlords. However, the Bill will reform the grounds of possession under Ground 8 of the Housing Act 1988. New grounds will be introduced to address repeated serious arrears, and situations where possession is required to allow the landlord to sell a property or for the landlord and/or family members to occupy the property.

“In addition, the Bill will require landlords to meet the Decent Homes Standard, ensuring that homes are well maintained and do not pose a danger to tenants, which currently only applies to the Social Housing sector.

“The Renters’ Reform Bill should strike a balance between the rights of tenants and security for landlords.”