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Jo Mackie comments on Amazon’s Coventry workers striking in City A.M.

February 2023

Jo Mackie, Director and Head of Employment at Lawrence Stephens, argues that Amazon must curb harmful employment practices to prevent further industrial action, in City A.M.

Jo’s comments were published in City A.M., 28 February 2023, and can be found here.

“The Trade Union action is in keeping with the rise in protests that we are seeing across the lower to average paid sectors.

“Amazon does not recognise the Trade Union involved (GMB) so this is a very difficult position to manage for them, but the workers are right to be making a point if these alleged working practices are true.

“If Amazon is timing toilet breaks, that is both belittling and degrading to their employees, and Amazon would be wise to stop this workhouse practice to prevent further action being taken against them.

“It may also constitute sex discrimination or disability discrimination, as women on their periods and others with a range of health conditions require more frequent trips to the bathroom.”